Squeeze Some “Summer Water” into your Day


As tempting as it was to ruin the headline with an ex-squeeze me joke, I resisted. 100% by accident this post can be considered a #throwbackthursday. Like my last bit on matcha back in May (because June was a whirlwind with nothing gracing the blog), I’m poaching a bit from my writing published elsewhere.

Everything except growing the melons, right before your eyes. P.S. hello my reflection.

Squeezers has been juicing since 2012 on their mission to provide a healthy way to get hydrated. The juice stand can be found situated as part of the Alamo Eat Bar food truck park in Southtown.

The menu features cold-pressed and raw juices squeezed right before your eyes with no syrups or preservatives added. “Summer Water” —  a blend of watermelon, pineapple and mint, was recommended as the most popular flavor for the season. The lightly sweet, but refreshing and subtly minty flavored beverage is aptly named, straddling somewhere between a heavier juice and fruit infused water.

Battalion Italian Restaurant in the restored historic FH No. 7, across the street from Squeezers.

Unfortunately, 99F is the standard for a cooler day this Alamo City summer. If there’s something I don’t think I’ll ever adjust to in San Antonio, it’s the long dry heat. Four seasons were something I absolutely took for granted before coming this far down South – it just didn’t occur to me that it would stay this hot this long.

To set the record straight for anyone thinking I’m a frail Yankee – it does get equally hot in Arkansas. Just not for 10 months.

My point being – Squeezers is right at home with all their hydrating vitamin-filled goodness in this parching heat.

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Because who has time to drive to Houston for Chinese Food

Everyone says you have to go to Houston if you’re eating Chinese in Texas. Or at least they used to say, apparently – after all this is all anecdotal. But also anecdotally, apparently that’s not the case anymore.

Pork and Chive Dumplings

Kung Fu Noodle isn’t the only fairly new (last couple years) authentic Chinese restaurant in San Antonio that is supposedly halting the Houston food runs. Sichuan House is another wonderful contender (especially when going out with a large group to split and share their huge portions) but the pictures I have ready to go are of Kung-Fu Noodle so that’s the topic today. Maybe next time Sichuan House.

The interior of Kung-Fu noodle is quaint in a good way and is filled with wood tables that might even make you forget you’re in a strip mall. Probably not but I love them anyway. The menu is simple, and why shouldn’t it be when everything is heavenly?

Once you’ve had fresh noodles it’s hard to go back. There is just something about them that absorbs the flavor of whatever they accompany, be it dumplings or broth. This is comfort food.

Handmade Noodle and Pork Soup

There was a lot hype surrounding this place, so my hopes were high. Not only were they met, they were exceeded. And though it took a couple of visits to get a table without a wait, it was absolutely worth it.

Dumplings Prior to Being Devoured

All this being said, I’ve never actually been to Houston. I do want to go and the growing choices for Chinese food in San Antonio aren’t going to stop me, but they will probably slow me down.


Throwback Tuesday


It has been a moment or two since I last maintained a blog. While there is a lot of love in my previous endeavors, starting fresh makes the most sense given how much the tides have turned since my former pursuits. Still, I’ll pick up where I left off by going back to my pun-filled roots.

Speaking of “fresh” and “tides,” I am creating a new trend of Throwback Tuesday. Sure someone out there – probably lots of someones – have beat me to it, but we all know Thursday is the traditional day for throwing back. I guess that makes my blog not so traditional.

Food is the beating heart, the nucleus, the very foundation of my Instagram account. As it is with 99.9% of people in my demographic. You can quote me. As such, it’s an easy topic to kick off this first official Throwback Tuesday (lots of pics to put with content).


Just five days ago was the well-known but little understood (to non-Mexicans aka gringos) holiday of Cinco de Mayo. And if you were a fan of my old blog you already know that I have an affinity for holidays both famous and obscure. Especially the obscure but we’ll get to that later. Continue reading