Because who has time to drive to Houston for Chinese Food

Everyone says you have to go to Houston if you’re eating Chinese in Texas. Or at least they used to say, apparently – after all this is all anecdotal. But also anecdotally, apparently that’s not the case anymore.

Pork and Chive Dumplings

Kung Fu Noodle isn’t the only fairly new (last couple years) authentic Chinese restaurant in San Antonio that is supposedly halting the Houston food runs. Sichuan House is another wonderful contender (especially when going out with a large group to split and share their huge portions) but the pictures I have ready to go are of Kung-Fu Noodle so that’s the topic today. Maybe next time Sichuan House.

The interior of Kung-Fu noodle is quaint in a good way and is filled with wood tables that might even make you forget you’re in a strip mall. Probably not but I love them anyway. The menu is simple, and why shouldn’t it be when everything is heavenly?

Once you’ve had fresh noodles it’s hard to go back. There is just something about them that absorbs the flavor of whatever they accompany, be it dumplings or broth. This is comfort food.

Handmade Noodle and Pork Soup

There was a lot hype surrounding this place, so my hopes were high. Not only were they met, they were exceeded. And though it took a couple of visits to get a table without a wait, it was absolutely worth it.

Dumplings Prior to Being Devoured

All this being said, I’ve never actually been to Houston. I do want to go and the growing choices for Chinese food in San Antonio aren’t going to stop me, but they will probably slow me down.