Sweets in the City

There are four types of people in the world. Sweet tooths, savory tooths, both teeth, and no teeth. Actually there are probably many more types but I have butchered enough grammar as it is.

Treats from Panifico Bake Shop, my favorite panadería on the Westside.

San Antonio is either a wonderful or terrible place to live if you fall into the sweet tooth camp. Options are varied and change with the seasons. Sweet cinnamon sugar buñuelos pop up at winter and chilled paleta ice pop carts push around neighborhoods throughout summer. There is always something sweet to eat.

Ocho sits by the water as an alternative to the main strip of restaurants on the Riverwalk.


Ocho at Hotel Havana in the downtown is open from breakfast until midnight. I can personally recommend the griddled tortillas that are served with blackberry butter and honey, as well the huge portion of banana bread smothered in peanut butter to accompany a black cup of coffee in the morning. I admit I was drawn to Ocho for the glamorous interior, but the food is on par with its surroundings.

Spring 2016 finals pastries from the Culinary Institute of America at the Pearl.


Dessert at the Pearl usually conjures thoughts of Bakery Lorraine macaroons for the locals, however there are other options to be had in that neck of the woods. (There is a decentish amount of trees at the Pearl). During Spring, the Texas location for the Culinary Institute of America sells their students’ finals – pastry finals. Almost too pretty to eat, they taste better than they look. And they look so good.


Another tasty treat to seek out at the Pearl is Lick Ice Cream. Based out of Austin with unique flavors like dewberry corn cobbler (delicious) and lemon lavender (even better), this isn’t your parent’s Bluebell. And they carry several flavors that are special diet friendly. Not diet as in loose jeans diet; gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc. Your jeans aren’t getting any looser here.

I won’t deny that the place in my heart for paletas still belongs to Deco District fixture El Paraiso. But Paleteria San Antonio at Yanaguana Gardens in Hemisfair Park a close runner up. My sister went for classic chocolate but I opted to get a rich creamy avocado pop. With other non-traditional flavors in regards to paletas like Texas peach, I know I’ll be back for more.


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