Fishless Fish Sandwich

I’m not a vegan, not even a vegetarian. But I do eat at vegan and vegetarian places often. Earth Burger is officially San Antonio’s only vegan fast food joint, and San Antonio’s Earth Burger is the only Earth Burger. We are so special.IMG_1738

One should not visit Earth Burger with the intent of healthy-dining. There are some side salads and a hummus option but this is still a fast food experience. After all, vegan =/= healthy. If it did then Oreo/potato chip/Bacon Bits/Popsicle/cotton candy diet would be a lot more popular. Not that it isn’t already beloved by many crowds, just not as a health option.

Hot fried tenders, fishless fish sandwich and the three salads Josh accidentally ordered.


We tend to be drive-thru patrons but if you dine in the restaurant you can enjoy the veggie-like atmosphere that surrounds. My favorite meal is consistently the fishless fish sandwich. I like fish sandwiches from the normal fast food chain go-tos but we all know that unless it is Lent, no one is buying them and they just aren’t the best thing ever. Earth Burger’s fishless sandwich is miraculously convincing as much fresher version of the classic.

All menu items except the option of a real slice of cheese are vegan. This includes the brownies (ask if they have samples) and creamy sweet coconut soft serve. By the way you can totally sprinkle the brownie on your soft serve.


Best of all, for just a small extra charge you too can have a souvenir stadium cup to show off your vegan/local/San Antonio/Texas pride while reducing your footprint.


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