Hike in the City

Yesterday was National Trails Day but that doesn’t mean you can’t “find your park” today. If you want to take a little hike in Texas Hill Country, there is no reason to leave San Antonio city limits. Friedrich Wilderness Park is one of the six “San Antonio Natural Areas”. Alone it is comprised of 280 acres containing 8 miles of trails. Unlike Government Canyon State Park nearby, there is no charge for admission.IMG_1762

Other than being home to my favorite heat friendly parking lot in the world, the park hosts two species of endangered birds, a bounty of wildflowers, both paved and strenuous trails, ephemeral streams and an unexpected basin of koi fish beneath a historic windmill.

Sunday morning seems to be the best time to visit if you’re looking to be greeted by every single person you encounter. Walmart and Baptist door greeters have nothing on the continuously smiled “good morning,” “hello good morning,” “good morning” chorus that you’ll find starting your week at the park.


However if you’re looking to be greeted by only half the hikers, afternoons seem to host more introverted crowds. Especially if there is at least 1% chance of rain or half of a centimeter has fallen three days prior.

The ephemeral creeks will only flow after generous precipitation though so an afternoon post-drizzle is my go to time to visit.


To find out more on Friedrich Wilderness Area and other San Antonio Natural Areas or to check trail closures visit Friends of San Antonio Natural Areas.


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