Where to get the best matcha in the Alamo City

Pretend for a moment you’ve stepped into a quaint shop off the busy streets of Okinawa without ever leaving Texas at Minnano Japanese Grocery.


Minnano does not claim the title of sole Japanese grocer in San Antonio but it had my absolute loyalty the first time I walked in. And while food is the cornerstone of the little shop, there is a sizable collection of stationary, bath products, cookware, books and home decor that makes it difficult to leave with just mochi and tamago.



Matcha is a notoriously expensive item. When I worked making cafe drinks, matcha was consistently our priciest item to stock. I won’t claim to know much about the various qualities because I really don’t know. Like most Americans, I’m not using it for a traditional tea ceremony but rather for baking and green tea lattes. I can’t remember the rate for Minnano’s green tea powder off the top of my head but the last I bought of their store brand was 3.99 f0r 0.08 lbs. That will last me for a few weeks.


Minnano carries a nice array of sushi grade fish, a large variety of Japanese rice and soy sauce, green tea flavored anything and all you could ever want of maneki-neko, beckoning cats, to bring you good fortune.


Unlike most Asian grocers I’ve visited, everything in Minnano is true to the advertised nationality.Even the kimchi is Japanese. Also, you won’t find anime or manga memorabilia here. There are a few Studio Ghibli items as a well as an anime-themed cookbook, but this is not your stop for a new Naruto pillowcase.

Compact grocery store importing dry goods, drinks & snacks, plus beauty products, cookware & gifts.” Google’s official description for Minnano Japanese Grocery located in Med Center in San Antonio. The perfect place to kick off my grocery store series.


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