IKEA Fan-Girl


Austin, Dallas, Centennial, Kansas City, Seattle, Brooklyn. A few of the cities where I’ve graced IKEA’s presence. At this point I’m a connoisseur of the blue and yellow painted Swedish home store.

Model of IKEA inside IKEA Centennial, Colorado

I’ve seen collections come and go. I still mourn the loss of the Husie Orange Karlstad slipcover and Far East nodding Trendig line. But I always go back.


13257086_1539142586392808_1159229164_nThe “crayfish” smörgåsbord has been one of our highlight trips to IKEA with all you can eat crawdads and live Swedish music.


When I lived in New York my roommate would make fun of me for trekking to the IKEA in Red Hook. From the tip of the Rockaway peninsula to IKEA it would take a little less than three hours of total travel time (if I were lucky). There’s many ways to get to IKEA New York style. For me it would start with a walk to the bus, followed by the bus to the subway, followed by a walk to the water taxi. Then there was the waiting in line to be ferried across the bay from Manhattan back to the big furniture store on the edge of Brooklyn. A couple of times I also took IKEA’s very own shuttle van from the store back to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, where I would get back on the 2 or 5, ride to the end of the line at Brooklyn College, and then bus back to the peninsula.

Water taxi taking off from Pier 11

Takeaway: I’m dedicated.

A popular suggestion for Lady Liberty viewing in NYC is to take the Staten Island Ferry. However, if you take the water taxi to IKEA you can not only see her from the vessel but from IKEA’s cafeteria as well. Both a free on Saturday. Neat!

However, I was partial to the view of downtown Manhattan.

Living in San Antonio makes IKEA-ing much easier (if you have a car). Go north and there it is, right off the interstate in Round Rock north of Austin.


There’s the obvious stereotypes when it comes to IKEA. Meatballs (delicious), smoked salmon (delicious), your weekly walking quota (you can’t avoid it), the fear of forgetting a piece of an item (hasn’t happened to me yet).

But IKEA encourages creativity. Look out for things beyond the normal furniture like “handy person woodcarts”. $10.00 for a DIY steal. I’ve been tempted a couple of times but I’m putting this tip away until school starts in the Fall.


IKEA: go for the meatballs, stay to take pictures.


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