Buc-ee’s or as Josh calls it; Boo-Chees, is a place that Texans are really proud of. One of my friends was even told to stop there as a part of a to do in Austin bucket list.


Buc-ee’s was talked up so much that the first time I visited one of the locations with a group of other first timers, we were all just saying “ok?” Not really getting the hype. But we had gone out of our way to visit a mega-gas station so that was probably our bad. Who puts a gas station on a must do list anyway though?


Admittedly, Buc-ee’s is the ideal stop on a road trip. They have all the cliche knick-knack souvenirs in little shapes of Texas that you could ever desire. Snack options are as abundant as gas pumps and bathroom stalls.



I would not say please travel to Texas to go to this well branded beaver’s gas stop. I would not even say put it on your must do list. But if you need gas and you happen to drive past the big cheeky beaver in the sky, Boo-chees is the only fill-up stop I’m aware of that will hook me up with dried kiwis and a big bag of Texas pecans on my way up from San Antonio to Barton Springs.


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