Throwback Tuesday


It has been a moment or two since I last maintained a blog. While there is a lot of love in my previous endeavors, starting fresh makes the most sense given how much the tides have turned since my former pursuits. Still, I’ll pick up where I left off by going back to my pun-filled roots.

Speaking of “fresh” and “tides,” I am creating a new trend of Throwback Tuesday. Sure someone out there – probably lots of someones – have beat me to it, but we all know Thursday is the traditional day for throwing back. I guess that makes my blog not so traditional.

Food is the beating heart, the nucleus, the very foundation of my Instagram account. As it is with 99.9% of people in my demographic. You can quote me. As such, it’s an easy topic to kick off this first official Throwback Tuesday (lots of pics to put with content).


Just five days ago was the well-known but little understood (to non-Mexicans aka gringos) holiday of Cinco de Mayo. And if you were a fan of my old blog you already know that I have an affinity for holidays both famous and obscure. Especially the obscure but we’ll get to that later.

If you go to the Wikipedia entry for Cinco de Mayo, the first thing you’ll see is an italicized sentence stating “Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, which occurs on September 16.” This is how Cinco de Mayo was introduced to me as child. Mexico’s Fourth of July. In actuality it commemorates a battle between France and Mexico. Regardless, much like the United States Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo in the US has come to be celebrated as an excuse to act over the top patriotic. And like the American Fourth, this may or may not be done tastefully or respectfully at all times.

In that way, Cinco de Mayo stands as a holiday mostly celebrated in the U.S. that borrows some elements of the home country but through a purely American perspective. Something like St. Patrick’s Day. In honor of that unique blend of American and Mexican culture that Cinco de Mayo offers, on the fifth of May I had dinner at an establishment celebrating a different hybrid. When you go swimming with yellowfish sushi, you will find yourself exploring the newly charted depths of japamex.

Maybe miso was meant to have jalapeño and sushi was meant to be drowned in picante sauce? If you aren’t sure, yellowfish sushi is the place to find out. Plus I’m partial to the iced green tea and toilet seat planters on the patio.

Throwback Tuesday #1, you won’t be the last.


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